Your brand probably has an unfair advantage in podcast marketing. Have you discovered it yet?

  • What stories can we tell that nobody else can tell?
  • What guests can we access that nobody else can access?
  • What topic or subject are we uniquely qualified to talk about?
  • What point of view can we share that’s uniquely ours?
  • What is the show only we can make?”

The answer is “biweekly” — whatever that means

Is an unlisted podcast right for your brand?

Unlisted podcasts

Learn how some of the world’s most popular shows do it

Did you choose the best category for your podcast?

Want your podcast to be more relevant to exactly the right audience? Try designing your show for a particular place, time, or activity.

Pacific Content has 3 essential rules for effective paid podcast promotion. And now we offer it as a service.

How searchable is your podcast? We built a tool to audit podcast search rankings in Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

A deep dive into more than 4 million podcast reviews

Despite what this stock photo might suggest, podcast reviews are not typically composed on typewriters


  • “Our company’s podcast has 308 ratings. Is that good?”
  • “Our average rating is 4.8 stars. Is that good?”
  • “Our competitor’s podcast has more star ratings than us. Is that bad?”

Dan Misener

Head of Audience Development, Pacific Content

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