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  • Jonas Woost

    Jonas Woost

    Director of Strategy at Pacific Content, an award-winning podcast agency working at the intersection of brand strategy and high-quality audio storytelling.

  • Jeremy Toeman

    Jeremy Toeman

    CPO WarnerMedia Innovation Lab (20+ years in tech/media: Joyn, CBS, Sling Media, Boxee, VUDU, …). personal: dad, sustainable living, hockey (Habs), travel

  • Michael Hoffman

    Michael Hoffman

    Dad. Once and future software engineer.

  • Matt Hird

    Matt Hird

    Podcast audience development specialist. Media research consultant. Possibly just three raccoons in a trenchcoat.

  • Marina Hanna

    Marina Hanna

  • Shawn Cole

    Shawn Cole

    Head of Audio Production at Pacific Content. Audio enthusiast, record producer, and knob twiddler. Father, husband, human.

  • Rehmatullah Sheikh

    Rehmatullah Sheikh

    I made audio for a living. I’d make audio even if it didn’t make me a living.

  • Steve McLendon

    Steve McLendon

  • Lubor


    under electric candlelight ~ Also, Red Bull Media House

  • Joe Stone

    Joe Stone

    Part-time philosopher, full-time podcast professional, tech guy, and corporate controller at Amaze Media Labs. Previously Jam Street Media.

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